Friday, July 21, 2017

A trip to Verona

Yesterday we went on a trip to Verona - love all the props outside the Arena - when you go to a production you don't think about all the work involved. The opera changes every day. I can imagine the City of Vincent having a fit if this was all around Perth Stadium.
It was stinking hot weather - we decided to check out Juliet's balcony along with 5 million others.   
Spent timelooking in a coffee shop - full of ideas like this - coffee for one or two and all sorts of different tops. Someone has been busy coming up with a new idea. Most of us have cupboards full of stuff we don't use. But it was fun to see. My purchases for the day - 2 pot mits - 1 small useful colander - and my perfume at half what I usually pay on line.  
A prop all ready on the Arena wall
We had dinner before the show where we could sit in air con - very nice meal just what we needed and you simply choose your wine - had a lovely Sicilian red 
Rocking up to the Arena  
Inside the Arena - it wasn't full by any means. We had seats in a great spot for viewing but BOY - so uncomfortable. Fortunately we could all move up and spread our feet out on the seat below and it was so good you forget the pain after a while.  
We saw the modern version of Aida - had no idea - it runs until 23rd (different event every night though) and then the 1913 setting starts. It was fabulous - this was the Nile scene - I loved the colours and especially the friendly crocodiles - they movedthrough the water on skateboards. For us it was an experience of a lifetime - we made it back to Cassone and in bed by 3am. The opera lasted 4 hours.  
My watercolour for the day - a lone geranium - I try
One day I might try tackling a bunch
Another of Ian's photos of Cassone foreshore on our walk back the other night

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lake Garda 3

This is the beautiful little spot we walk to in the middle of Cassone on the lake shore. Under the trees is my spot to sit and work ever so slowly on my drawings
contemplating the effort on my creative brain or looking atthe surroundings  
There are loads of flowers out 
In the same spot
The bridge makes it possible for us to get across the inlet - the many cyclists have to hop off and walk in this area
You can never have anough views of the lake
Ian goes on a high walk while I sit and draw
This has been a holiday for getting lost whilst driving but we got to Campione - lovely spot with lots of people swiming etc for a day's outing.
The church at Campione
My little drawing and watercolour at Cassone - day 60 so well over half way  
I am making a book cover to hold allmy Lake Garda drawings. Background stitch is all done so now to the decoration stuff.
Inside our apartment. This really is a great spot

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lake Garda

Lake Garda 2 - Ian got up early and went for a walk - Cassone is a beautiful little place - lots of cobblestones and a great foreshore. the mountains of course are wonderful - so old. 
Lots of platforms like this but the seagulls - (lakegulls?) - seem to like this one - it's locked anyway and i haven't seen anyone using it. 
We have found a wine shop in Malcesine where we are allowed to park any time which is great because the parks are all full. SO of course we are frequenting it. lots of olive oil and balsamic vinegars for us to bring home in our suitcases.
i bought a great fruits of the forest balsamic vinegar - will get an unopened one to take home. 
Last night we had a bbq on our terrace looking over the lake - grilled peppers - made a salad and cooked meat which we had no idea what it was but it was lovely - turned out to be pork. Plus tomatoes and lovely fresh mozzarella and red wine.  
Cassone is really interesting - and there is a great little museum as well  
Little bridge - well worth the wander - we ate at one of the pizzerias on the first night right on the water's edge  
Tody we went exploring a little in Malcesine - lots of people and touristy stuff 
I like these little places
Grant was launching his moth
Then he was off in the distance on his foils to practise. There are over 250 Moths in this regatta - and highly unlikely that we will be able to distinguish anyone. But they look great racing along up on foils.  
Then to end a relaxing day we came home and had a swim - have to watch for the killer stones when you get in and out so just one in and a long swim and then out. And I did my today's little watercolour - day 59 now.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Trip to Lake Garda

    We are on a fortnight's holiday - Grant is sailing on Lake Garda next week (and last week as it happens) so we thought we would indulge and come as well. We have been before but not in the summer. 
We landed at 6am in Malpensa - had to wait until 9am to get the hire car and enjoyed 2 cups of coffee while we waited. Things are so much easier these days with the internet - way back on our first visit to London we had to buy sim cards and flap around trying to find somewhere to use the internet etc. Now we all get grumpy if there isn't wi-fi everywhere or if it is slow.   We endured a comedy of errors and it took us 5 hours to drive to Lake Garda - instead of 3. We drove south instead of north - then went to Lake Como instead of the road to Lake Garda - finally got back on track and got ourselves disorganised trying to drive around the wrong side of the lake.   
Here we are lost trying to work out why and where. Anyway we are here and showered and relaxing.  
This is the view from our apartment so it will be swimming in the morning - we have our own private platform if we so wished to sun bathe only we don't but all the way driving up the side of the lake, there were people perched by the water where ever there was a possible space. Hardly any in the water though.  
We have a little island off shore
And here is the view looking to the left.    Lucky us I say - as I am working away on the 100 days project I am planning my days here to be water colour on Khadi rag paper and i have a sitched cover about to be under way as well. Over the way on the other side of the lake there are many people kite surfing - a wonderful view actually. There are also lots of people sailing and kayaking 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Trip to Melbourne

At the end of January into February, we took ourselves off to Melbourne for a few days. We actually stayed at a great little hotel but this was the view from the window and below was a busy lane way - next time we will ask to be a few floors up so we can actually look out at a proper view! The main reason for going was to attend Nigel Kennedy concert. Of course it was wonderful as we knew it would be - we have been fans for many years. Nigel's interpretation of the Four Seasons was up to character!    
We enjoyed, as we always do, the foodie experiences in Melbourne - first day and I think this was possibly the best one. The Grain Store. Everything in Melbourne was either in walking distance or on the tram which was free. Flinders Lane all along - not too bad.  
Loved the David Hockney exhibition - he is a great artist 
Then a lovely meal at Chin Chin - i have the cookbook but never been before so it was wonderful. We sat up at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed watching the food staff cooking, preparing and all of that. So glad we went. The next night we went to Movida where we have been before and it was a great meal too.  
And we checked out the Victor and Rolf exhibition. Lots of very interesting and whacky stuff but I especially loved all the weaving - something I am pretty keen on myself except that I don't make art to wear these days but I do weave up lot of little bits and pieces in my work.  
We caught the tram to St Kilda one day - Ian is checking the area out.  
On our last night we ate at Mamak - another great meal. Always a great thing a visit to Melbourne. No shopping - no shoes - all okay.


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